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WoW Moviewatch: We Eat Flesh!

Moo Money

Oxhorn must be totally out of ideas for movies. While well produced, We Eat Flesh! is yet another mockery of all things that he doesn't approve of, which we now know includes Satan, the scientific community, and vegetarians. At least before he was (mostly) able to keep his personal views out of his machinima and focus on an enjoyable show.

We Eat Flesh! is about a man, Francis Baconmeister, Jr., that vows to his father that he will continue the legacy of serving juicy meat to his patrons. When a group of hippies elves protest his eatery, will he give up? The real life images of meat look out of place for a movie from WoW. Otherwise, despite the mockery, the movie is amusing in a different way. When can we get the old Oxhorn back?

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