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Cryptic evolves their mission system

Kyle Horner

The newest Ask Cryptic for Champions Online is out and you know what that means: more information! This time around, we start off with some news about weaponization of objects within the game world. The short answer is that players will be able to grab all sorts of stuff and chuck it into the faces of their enemies Next we've got confirmation that players will indeed be getting additional power sets after Champions Online launches. We're glad to hear it, because it's quite exciting when a new patch is about to hit with all sorts of new powers to play with inside.

Moving away from the more mechanical workings of the game, Cryptic lets us know that roleplaying will indeed be supported through social hot-spots in Champions Online. If you've ever played around with City of Heroes for very long, then you'll know that Atlas Park was -- aside from a newbie zone that featured a big dude carrying a globe -- a great place to hang out and chat with all sorts of people. As cool as these reveals are, the next one is probably the biggest and best news from this iteration of Ask Cryptic.

So what's the big deal? Well, another thing you'll likely remember from City of Heroes -- if you played it -- was the missions system, where players would grab quests from NPC contacts who needed their help. While this system is more or less going to be in Champions Online, Cryptic is moving beyond its original design. Now you'll find civilians or even fellow heroes in distress and asking for your help. In fact, you'll even find clues to missions from defeated foes, too. The newer system sounds like it's designed to make sure you feel much more like a superhero while playing the game -- and that's really good.

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