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Hard Working American People


Because there's nothing like heading to work as soon as you get home from work, Hudson is planning on bringing Hard Working People to North America. There's just one thing: it may not actually be called Hard Working People when it gets here. The game's final title is up for debate, or rather, vote; on Hudson's website, you can choose from possible titles like Help Wanted (currently in the lead), the good ol' Hard Working People, and Job Heroes, among others.

While this one looks pretty hilarious, we're always a little wary of games that require work (see also: Animal Crossing and more), but when that game is centered around working, we're doubly uncertain. Maybe we shouldn't be translating everything into a waggling mini-game simply because we can. Then again, Hard Working People really does look like Everything Mama, and thus could be promising. The jury, as they say, is still out. Out working.


[Via Siliconera]

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