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The Elves of WAR: Meet the Witch Elf

Kyle Horner

We know some of you probably aren't looking to have quests and their delectably gooey centers spoiled for you, so with that in mind we've got something else for you to sink your teeth into. While there may only be three Dark Elf classes for now, they're at least compelling classes for anyone looking to be a dark, brooding badass. For this post, we're going to focus on the Witch Elf and her nasty array of sharp, stabby, poisonous and just all-around deadly attacks. Each ability is listed in the order you acquire it as you level up and train. Also, keep in mind that the damage listed is only the initial ability and its leveled-up version.

Blood Lust (henceforth referred to as BL) is the Witch Elf mechanic, which requires players to use abilities to build up their BL (from one to the maximum five) in order to use certain maneuvers. This build-up is referred to as their "Frenzy" and allows the Witch Elf to unleash terrible amounts of damage on a foe within a short period of time.

  • Level 1 - Throwing Dagger: A quick dagger throw which deals 13 damage
  • Level 1 - Slice: (Builds 1 BL) A deep stab which deals 46 damage to your target
  • Level 2 - Puncture: (Frenzy, reqs BL and costs 20% fewer action points per BL) You quickly stab your target twice, dealing damage based on your BL: 1=23dmg, 2=30dmg, 3=38dmg, 4=46dmg and 5=53dmg
  • Level 3 - Envenomed Blade: You stab your enemy with a poisoned blade, dealing 13 damage. The victim becomes wracked with pains, suffering an additional 42 damage over 9 seconds. This effect with stack up to three times
  • Level 4 - Kiss of Agony: (Builds 1 BL) You stab into your target, causing 25 damage over 5 seconds, and their blood to sink into your blades. For the next 2 minutes, all of your attacks have a 25% chance to inflict agonizing pain on your target, reducing their movement speed by 40% and causing 40 damage over 5 seconds. (You may only use a single Kiss at a time)
  • Level 5 - Agonizing Wound: (Builds 1BL) A cruel attack to your target, which deals 33 damage. If you are behind your target, you ignore armor.

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