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First look at Tailoring in Wrath

Alex Ziebart

Leatherworking wasn't the only profession to start seeing some love in the latest beta patch. Among the others starting to be implemented is Tailoring. When I say 'starting to be implemented' I really mean just that. It's a start. Tailoring especially screams 'I'm not done, seriously!' when you look at what there is to offer. Not that that's a surprise, of course. It's still early in the beta.

If you want to look at what there is to offer, check out the gallery below. We have images of each of the patterns that have been implemented (sort of) in this beta build. A lot of the items are completely bare of stats, which is unusual for sure. It's possible that it's just a display error, but there's always a chance these items haven't really been itemized yet, and were put in early so you can start skilling up to test the big stuff on the way. It was suggested that these items may possibly have random stat distribution upon creation, but usually there's a 'Random Enchantment' note on the items in that case. Oh, if you were wondering, the Magic Carpet isn't there yet.

Gallery: Wrath of the Lich King: Tailoring | 34 Photos

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