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A sports drink for hard-working robots


This month, Japanese gamers will be able to refresh their energy just like Mega Man does: with a cool, refreshing E-Tank from the item shop. To celebrate the upcoming Mega Man 9, Capcom announced the release of a "sports drink" (with royal jelly!) in special E-tank cans today, for 137 yen ($1.26) a can. It'll be sold at Animate and Kotobukiya stores, but apparently not on their websites (it didn't come up in searches, at least).

Has any WiiWare title gotten its own promotional merchandise before? Probably not. But then, no WiiWare title has been a sequel that people have been waiting ten years for, either.

We may not be able to buy this and ... contemplate drinking it here in the US, but at least we now have a working yen-to-bolts exchange rate: 4.567 yen/bolt.

[Via Siliconera]

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