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An original RTS on Wii? It's Swords & Soldiers!


Click for the first screens

We don't want to go jumping the gun on this one, but if there's a title that could come anywhere near rivaling the excitement we have for another WiiWare title, Mega Man 9, then this is it. Developed by the students that created de Blob (the original, not the still-awesome-looking THQ game set to release on Wii), Swords & Soldiers is "a sidescrolling real time strategy game." It features three different factions, all "battling for the powers of the gods." The game will be comprised of a single-player campaign mode, as well as support for a splitscreen multiplayer mode (local only, though). It's also promised to include "several other game modes."

Look for Swords & Soldiers to hit WiiWare in all regions during Q4 of this year. Be sure to check out the first screens in our gallery below. The artistic style is amazing.


[Via VGChartz]

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