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Jaffe explains why you don't see names on boxes

Justin McElroy

The issue of putting game designers' names on boxes is one that we've been exploring since we read this dazzling piece way back in 2005. But David Jaffe, playing off of a recent MTV post, is in a unique position to comment, as one of the few designers who have somehow been able to set themselves apart as a brand. His latest blog entry explores why more game designers don't make it on the box, and why it's in publishers' best interests to keep it that way.

Brace yourself, because this next quote is probably the truest, most succinct encapsulation of the current state of the game industry that you'll ever hear: "Even the guys who make CALL OF DUTY, HALO, and GTA are not in a perfect position, as amazingly genius as they are," Jaffe writes. "Because All of those games- even if given to C+ level developers- can still make crazy cash for at least 2-4 more iterations before the public catches on and stops buying the series."

This all goes to prove what we've expected all along: American McGee has to have blackmail pictures of somebody picking up a transvestite hooker, right?

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