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Konami code: 'Altaired' Snake password


It started out as a tantalizing April Fools gag, and then evolved into a grueling Metal Gear Solid 4 unlockable. Wanna play as Snake dressed up as the 12th century assassin? Sure thing. Just earn the Assassin's Emblem: Beat the game with 50 or more knife kills, 50 or more CQC holds, and 25 or less alerts.

That's the honorable way to do it, at least. But what if we told you there was an infinitely easier way to drape the cloak of the Assassins Order over your Old Snake? Would you risk being shamed by your peers? Would you utter the magic word...?


... Oops! That's not it. Let's try this again:

"AOTTRYKMYN!" (Ah, much better.)

[Via Siliconera]

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