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Nerf N-Strike features Boom Blox-inspired game


IGN has the first look at Nerf N-Strike, EA's Wii game that comes with a hybrid Zapper/Nerf dart gun. It's going to be marketed as a hybrid as well, apparently, being sold in both the Nerf and video game sections of retailers. We gawked at the awesome gun a few months back when it was first revealed, but this is the first info about the actual game.

As expected, N-Strike is a shooting game in which you use Nerf weapons in-game -- against Nerf-susceptible robots, as seen in the above screen. The guns apparently behave like real Nerf guns, which means that the projectiles move much more slowly than actual bullets.

The game also contains multiplayer modes, one of which sounds quite similar to a current EA favorite. In Blox, players shoot one dart at a time into a structure of cubes until one uncovers a target block. It's a shooting-game take on Boom Blox, and it sounds like a pretty clever tie-in to the other game.

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