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Open-source multi-touch: Touch


Dust off that FTIR table you've got down in the basement and fire up your internets to play with Touché, an open-source multi-touch tracking environment for Leopard. You too can have a giant iPhone-like interface in your own den.

That's right, no more calling up Perceptive Pixel with (emotional) support questions or fretting over when Surface will invade your Motel 6 with a Blue Screen of Touchy Death. Touché is free, just like a number of other apps from Georg Kaindl. Said FTIR table, however, is slightly less than free. But once you've got a table, a Mac running Leopard and some functional digits, you're ready to rock multi-touch style.

Other apps from Georg that may tickle your fancy include:

  • AppUpdate, a Dashboard widget that checks for updates using MacUpdate and VersionTracker and Apple's software directory. We covered it back in 2006.
  • WidgetUpdate does the same thing but for widgets (shocking, I know). We covered this back in 2005.
  • VoodooPhone, a plugin for VoodooPad for viewing those notes on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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