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Popcorn Hour's B-110 HTPC motherboard gets pictured, previewed

Darren Murph

Ah, ha! There you are, Mr. B-110. When your partner in crime, the simultaneously announced A-110 HD media streamer, was spotted over at CNET UK, we knew you wouldn't be too far behind. Sure enough, the DIY motherboard -- which was designed for individuals looking to concoct their own HTPC -- has been unboxed and handled over at the aforementioned site. There is one part in particular that caught our eye in reading through the preview; the 7.1-channel analog outputs that are on the mobo will not be activated on this model, with CNETers suggesting that another, more robust version could be on the horizon. Yeah, HDMI 1.3a is still there for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD pass-through, but we are somewhat dismayed by the analog news. Anywho, check the read link for a few more snapshots and a read of what it's packing.

[Thanks, John]

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