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Sony attempts to release at least 5 UMD movies each quarter, for less than $15 each


Wait, Sony. Didn't we come to an agreement? We'd stop buying UMD movies and you'd stop making them. We thought that the introduction of the PSP Video Store at E3 would signal the final "official" death of UMD -- but in a showcase of true unyielding corporate stubborness, Sony still plans on continuing its support for the failed proprietary movie format. According to a report by Video Business, Sony plans on releasing 5-7 movies from various studios each quarter. Each movie would be $10-15, a significantly lower price than when UMD movies first launched on the system years ago.

"We want to provide a legal offering from the studios, ... and it's an easier conversation to have with them now," said John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America. According to Koller, "there's a lot of positive momentum with the PSP." But, will plans to continue UMD really meet any success? Only time will tell.

[Via Sony Insider]

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