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Breakfast Topic: Has Warcraft inspired you?

Alex Ziebart

Warcraft has been a couple of things to me, besides a game. One, I've met a lot of really, really good friends while playing WoW. Some of them are friends I will probably still have quite a few years from now, after WoW is long gone. Two, it has been a bit of an inspiration. Not that big, worldview-changing kind of inspiration, but the kind that makes you stand up and go do things.

The things I've done vary from simple to quite a bit larger. There's the mundane inspirations, like doing a little bit of creative writing (and the writing I do here) but I've written before, so it was more an outlet rather than something completely new. It definitely has inspired quite a bit of writing though, as well as RP as part of that. I've never ever been into comics before, though, and never really had a drive to try them, but I do read the Warcraft comics now, and will probably read the Ashbringer one as well. I still can't say I read a ton of comics, I probably never will, but at least I'm open to giving good ones a whirl nowadays. Maybe you all have some recommendations for me, eh?

Then, going back to the 'meeting friends' bit, I've met a fair amount of raid and guild mates in person now, and will definitely be meeting more come BlizzCon in October. We've formed some pretty strong bonds, and I really wish I could hang out with those people more in person. Elizabeth W. has echoed this one with me, we've both traveled pretty far to meet some great people.

WoW Insider has shown off quite a bit that players have been inspired to do, from crafts to art to uh, military training. Has WoW inspired anything in you guys? Just trying something new, or maybe something a little more substantial?

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