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Manage your projects: iTaskX 2.5


Project managers know two things; first, that they need to keep a close eye on project scheduling and costs, and second, that the PM world revolves around Microsoft Project. Unfortunately for Mac users, Microsoft Project is a Windows-only application, so you either have to run Project in a Windows virtual machine or settle for a less powerful or compatible Mac application.

Techno-Grafik and Zisser Software have taken a step towards making life a little easier for Mac users with iTaskX 2.5. It's an update to their €80 (US$106.25) Mac OS X project management tool. Their press release notes that the big change to the new release is better support of Microsoft Project files. Users can now open native MS Project files or exchange data using the XML and MPX support of Project.

iTaskX 2.5 is now a Universal Binary app, and schedule information can be exported to iCal. Registered users of iTaskX can download the update for free. Note that the iTaskX website still shows version 2.5 as beta-ware.

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