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Panasonic gives you 100,000 reasons to pick its 1080p plasmas

Steven Kim

The amount of dis-information in the marketplace about plasma TVs never fails to amaze us. While we personally haven't overheard a salesperson talk about refilling the gas in a plasma TV in a while, we also haven't seen customers choosing between plasma and LCD -- that decision has already been made in favor of LCD. Credit Panasonic for fighting the good fight by introducing an easy-to-understand and relevant spec to the marketplace: its 2008 plasmas boast 100,000-hours plasma life for the 1080p sets, 60,000-hours for the 720p sets. That's the time you'll have before the plasma brightness falls to half of its original value. So if you leave the set on 24/7, that translates to 11-years of viewing. There are certainly reasons to pick an LCD over plasma, but these figures close the book on lifetime arguments -- a plasma today will last you well into your OLED/SED/hologram Jetsonian future.

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