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T-Mobile USA getting a beefy Tocco from Samsung?

Chris Ziegler

We can think of about fifteen plain-vanilla EDGE flips from Samsung that we'd expect T-Mobile to launch ahead of something like this, but you're definitely not going to see us complaining. TmoNews is claiming that the guys and gals in pink magenta have an ace up their collective sleeve in the form of Samsung's F480 Tocco -- or really, an Americanized version of it dubbed T919. Naturally, the US version goes through the usual dilution, losing the front-facing cam -- but on the upside, it manages to hang on to the really important stuff like a 3G radio (AWS, we'd assume), GPS, and 5 megapixel cam. There's no telling when it'll be on sale, but if we know our carriers -- and we think we know 'em pretty well -- they'll want it on store shelves in plenty of time for the holiday season.

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