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The Force Unleashed demo coming Thursday to XBLM and PSN

If the recent cavalcade of video previews for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was enough to whet your appetite for some midichlorian-infused carnage, then we've got great news: LucasArts recently confirmed that they will be following through with their promise to bring a demo for the title to the XBLM and PSN this month -- a playable preview will be downloadable via the two services starting Thursday, August 21.

The demo takes place during one of the first levels in the game, known as the "TIE Fighter Construction Facility" -- we assume it's the same area featured in the recent batch of previews for the title. It will also contain a training mode which will allow the player to get a firm grasp on the Force Grip power. However, we know the question that's on everyone's mind -- will any of those adorable Ewoks be present? We can only hope.

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