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First gameplay trailer for Tomb Raider Underworld


Eidos just dished out the first "real" trailer for Tomb Raider: Underworld. Those of you keen on Lara already know another trailer released for the game (along with that dev thing), but it was little less than a teaser. This one actually has a bunch of gameplay footage in it, so we're calling it the first. But, just as the previous teaser had something wrong with it (it didn't show any gameplay), so does this. We're pretty sure this isn't the Wii version. What tipped us off? The fact that it's in HD and the environments look a lot better than we could've hoped for. It's okay to still watch it, though. The console ports are essentially going to be the same game.

Are you anxious to tackle Lara's latest adventure? Have you been sucked back into the franchise by Tomb Raider Legend, like so many of us, and have high hopes for Underworld?


[Via press release]

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