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The Elves of WAR: White Lion levels 6-10

Dan O'Halloran

In the first five levels of this High Elf melee dps career, we got a lion, an axe and an attitude. Time to take it on the road for five more levels and all the new abilities that come with it.

Level 6 - Sundering Chop

40 AP, Instant cast, 5ft range
A powerful axe chop which deals 28 damage. If you are behind the enemy, then this attack will ignore 50% of their armor.

With you lion set in tank mode with Trained to Threaten, this axe attack replaces Hack as your spam attack. It costs a little more in AP, but does about 50% more damage if you are behind the mob.

Level 7 - Baiting Strike
30 AP, Instant cast, 5ft range
An attack which momentarily distracts your enemy, dealing 30 damage to them. Your targeted groupmate, or your War Lion if you do not have one, will cause 25% less hatred in all enemy monsters for 5 seconds.

Until you get your pet dps buff at level nine, this is only good in group situations like taking down the boss mob in Public Quests. Set the Archmage as your defensive target and make sure to use this as much as possible. It does as much damage as Hack, but will save the healer as he will inevitably over aggro at some point as he learns to play his class.

Level 8 - Sever Nerve
Rank 1 Morale
Instant cast, 5ft range, 60sec cooldown
A directed strike that inflicts 344 damage to your target.

Yes, you read that right, 344 damage. A morale ability is usable when you build up enough morale points from continously fighting to unlock the various ranks (up to rank 4.) You'll use this in the PQ boss fights where you'll have time to build it up and unleash it.

Level 8 - Lion's Fury
40 AP, Instant cast, 5ft range, 5sec cooldown
Target must be Ailing.
You draw upon your mystical Elven heritage and furiously attack your target dealing 45 spirit damage.

This is a tricky one. The only Ailment-inducing ability you have is Blindside, which requires you to be behind or to the side of the enemy. So don't expect to use this unless your pet or another player has aggro.

Level 9 - Trained to Kill
Instant cast, No range, No cooldown
You train your pet to fight ferociously, increasing its Strength and Weapon Skill by 18 and increasing your Toughness by 18. Your War Lion will gain the ability to strike its enemies with a powerful mauling attack, the ability to attack its target repeatedly and the ability to deal damage over time.

Tired of your lion tanking? Time to switch to your shiny new pet dps buff and between the two of you, mow down opponents at an astonishing pace. As you will be tanking, you won't have access to Blindside, Lion's Fury or Sundering Chop, but this is what your lion brings to the fight:

Gut Ripper
Deals 23 damage to the target, and an additional 105 damage over 15 seconds.

Deals 81 damage to the target.

Fang and Claw
Repeatedly strikes the target up to 4 times over 3 seconds, dealing 58 damage with each hit. This effect will end if your War Lion loses concentration.

That last ability should just be called "Shred", because your lion rears back on its hind legs and rips the mobs up, usually taking down half your enemy's health. Follow it up with Coordinated Strike and you'll be making the Shadow Warriors do a double take at your dps output.

This also marks the beginning of your task of managing your pet's buffs. Run into a fight with dps buff on and realize you're getting clobbered? Instantly switch to the tank pet buff, let your lion grab the aggro and use your pet heal to keep him alive while you chop away.

Level 10 - Charge!
No cost, Instant cast, 30sec cooldown
You and your War Lion charge into the thick of battle, increasing your movement speed by 50 for 7 seconds. If you or your War Lion use any abilities, this effect will immediately end.

Great for RvR. Enough said.

Level 10 - Submission
55 AP, Instant cast
You cower submissively, causing all enemies within 30 feet to hate you less and deal 50% less damage to you for 5 seconds. For the next 5 seconds, you will cause 25% less hate in all enemy monsters. If you attack anyone that you've detaunted, the effect will immediately fade from them.

Excellent ability to use in conjunction with activating your lion's tank buff to buy time in a difficult fight. Remember, you have a instant cast heal over time to use on your lion and nothing but health potions for yourself.

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