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The Elves of WAR: Witch Elf levels 11-15

Kyle Horner

For levels 11 through 15 of the Witch Elf class, you'll be seeing your first three Career Tactics come into play. These are passive traits that tweak the way your character will fight. You can only have one Career Tactics equipped early on, which means you'll have to choose just one for now. Our personal favorite is the Tactic that gives you a 33% chance to build on extra Blood Lust (BL) every time you use a BL building ability.

Other gains for the Witch Elf class include a particularly nasty rank 2 Morale ability that sucks Action Points (AP) and Strength (for 30 seconds) from its target. This ability effectively solidifies the Witch Elf as a class that can be designed to endlessly annoy and grief a tank. So if there's a particular type of player you want to see suffering, then you'll need to make sure you grab the Force of Will ability. Finally, you'll get a disarm ability at level 14 that will see a lot of use in RvR situations against both tanks and other DPS classes.

Unfortunately, in our rush to bring you more information about the Witch Elf levels 6-10, we forgot to add an extra level 10 ability last time around, so here it is now. Vehement Blades is actually your first Prowl-related ability and is designed to be used within a small window of time after you fade from view.

  • Level 10 - Vehement Blades
    No cost 10ft range
    Instant cast, no cooldown
    Requires Prowling
    You leap out of the shadows in an insane rage. Your target will take 36dmg for each melee attack over the next 15s. Your abilities will cost 50% fewer AP fo 10s. Builds 2 BL.
  • Level 11 - Dark Blessings
    Career Tactic, passive
    Heals directed toward you will recover 10% more health.
  • Level 12 - Ruthless Assault
    15 AP/sec 5ft range
    Instant cast, 8s cooldown
    Requires BL, costs 20% fewer AP per BL
    A relentless string of attacks which repeatedly strikes your target up to 6 times over 3s.
    BL - Damage
    1 - 78
    2 - 108
    3 - 132
    4 - 168
    5 - 186
  • Level 12 - Force of Will
    Rank 2 Morale 10ft range
    Instant cast, 60s cooldown
    You stare down your opponent, draining 200 of their AP into yourself and reducing their strength by 24 for 30s.
  • Level 13 - Jagged Edge
    Career Tactic, passive
    Any time you critically hit an enemy they will begin to bleed, suffering additional 99 damage over 9s.
  • Level 14 - Sever Limb
    45 AP 5ft range
    Instant cast, 10s cooldown
    Requires Parry
    A precise Crippling attack that deals 64dmg and disarms your target for 5s, making them unable to use melee or ranged weapons.
  • Level 15 - Whirling Blades
    Career Tactic, passive
    Your attacks which build BL will now have a 33% chance to build one additional BL.

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