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Tributaries Cable's HX101 joins the 130-foot HDMI extender club

Steven Kim

For all of HDMI's promises of "one cable to rule them all," there sure seem to be large number of accessories to go along with the format, many of them for supporting longer runs. Tributaries Cable has added its HX101 to the growing number of repeaters/extenders that will stretch the not-so-long arm of HDMI to 40-meters (130-feet). The HX101 will pass all kinds of good bits you might be using, like HDMI 1.3 with HDCP, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD MA; and you can rest easy knowing features you're probably not making any use of -- 1440p resolution, Deep Color and xvYCC -- are just fine, too. Sure, the device is a little more portly than some we've seen recently, but this kind of thing isn't really system showoff material anyways, and the $150 price will save you a little money.

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