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Wii Warm Up: Get equipped with ...


Last week, Capcom's amazing E-Tank beverages jumped off of the screen and into Japanese convenience stores. We totally want it, both to have in our small but meaningful Mega Man collection and to taste how Capcom (and whichever food company they've partnered with) imagines the flavor of reserve energy. But even the flavor of robot fuel, were we ever daring enough to open a mint-condition can (we're not) wouldn't slake our thirst for food items that look like things in video games.

But enough about our, uh, tastes. Is there one item from any game that you'd like to be made into a real consumable? Eager to try some Lon-Lon Milk? Want to crack open a nice, cold Super Missile refill? Or just something simple like an authentic Merv Burger?

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