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Quantic Dream confident Heavy Rain has 'no competitors'


The lid on Heavy Rain will be blown off this week at Leipzig Games Convention. To get you ready, check out this newly released interview from Gamereactor TV, taken after Sony's secret behind-closed-doors showing at E3 earlier this year. The interview doesn't reveal much: it shows the same screenshots that were leaked a few weeks ago, and all video footage is of the game's very early tech demonstration. It's interesting to see how confident Quantic Dream is about their upcoming project, saying games like Uncharted only managed to get "some" things right. Other than that, they promise that Heavy Rain has "no competitors."

Working with Sony Computer Entertainment seems to be very beneficial for the team, especially because Sony has offered them a chance to create "the best game possible." He's definitely getting the hype engine revving ... and it won't be long until we can judge for ourselves whether or not the hype is warranted.

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