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The Conduit to be showcased in Nintendo's PAX booth


A justifiably enthused High Voltage Software sent out a press release today announcing that not only would their FPS The Conduit be presented in the expo floor at this year's Penny Arcade Expo, but that it will be shown in Nintendo's own booth. "We are incredibly honored to be featured there at Nintendo's booth," said Chief Creative Officer Eric Nofsinger. "It's a fantastic opportunity for us to receive input and feedback directly from other gamers."

Could Nintendo be publishing The Conduit? Or are they just using The Conduit as an attraction, to get the super-hardcore PAX crowd over to Nintendo's booth so they can play Wii Music? We also wonder why, if The Conduit does have a publisher, High Voltage hasn't said who it is? The identity of the company releasing your game isn't the usual teaser material.


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