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Buzz! returns to PSP in Brain Bender


European games just can't get enough Buzz! A brand new Buzz! trivia game is coming to PSP later this year in Europe, entitled Buzz! Brain Bender. There are sixteen mini-games to find in this latest iteration of the popular trivia franchise. Eight have been revealed so far:
  • Analysis Games:
    Path Finder: A maze game where players have to quickly decide what path leads to the centre.
    Power Struggle: A decision game based on who can win "tugs of wars" battles between different vehicles
  • Observation Games:
    Match Up: Can you tell how many pairs of contestants there are in a puzzle?
    Pattern Match: A puzzle style game where players need to identify the correct shapes to fit into a missing grid.
  • Memory Games:
    Take Away: A card game where players need to identify the missing cards from a series.
    Sound Bites:
    A game based on sounds made by animals or objects. Players have to correctly recall the order they were played out.
  • Calculation Games:
    Blot Swot: Can you still solve maths puzzles when they're full of missing numbers?
    Sliced Up: A game where the player must decide what portion of the food on display hasn't been eaten.
In a Brain Age twist, the upcoming game will also add a Test mode, which will track your progress and determine your brain power. Stay tuned for more.


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