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GC 2008: PS3 wireless keypad with mouse input [update]


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At its Leipzig Games Convention press conference today, Sony unveiled a wireless keypad peripheral that attaches to the top of the PlayStation 3 controller (presumably into the mini-USB port). The keypad also features a "touchpad mode" for mouse input. Pricing was not revealed, but the device will be released in 8 different languages.

It's worth noting that MadCatz released an attachable thumbpad for PS3 in April 2007.

Update: Added official keypad images (see gallery below). Does this thing double as a codpiece?

PlayStation.Blog clarifies that the Wireless Kepad includes a mode that turns the key area into a touchpad, allowing users to control an on-screen cursor with their fingertips, tapping to activate a link. The keypad also features two short-cut buttons, enabling quick access to the XMB's "Friends" icon and the "Message Box." The pad also can be paired with other Bluetooth devices (e.g., a smart phone) and will be released in late November.

Gallery: PS3 Wireless Keypad | 2 Photos

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