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HDTV named "game-changing" for 2008, takes a bow

Darren Murph

We're obviously biased, but we'd argue that HDTV was game-changing long before 2008. Nevertheless, we have all ideas the technology will happily accept any and all praise bestowed upon it, including the most recent pat on the rump from Knowledge Networks. Said outfit has just named HDTV the game-changing media technology of 2008 after it noticed that HDTV set ownership has doubled every two years since 2000. According to its figures, 28% of households are now equipped with at least one HDTV, and it's predicting that number to rise to 39% in 2009. HDTV will be hanging at your local big box retailer taking requests and signing autographs for the foreseeable future.

[Image courtesy of NASA]

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