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Silver Motorola Q9h for AT&T, anybody? Anybody?

Chris Ziegler

The secret sauce to extending any phone's shelf life by at least a few months seems to be adding a new color or two into the mix (the Curve comes immediately to mind), and smartphones are no exception to the rule. It falls short of the lime green CDMA version's sheer wackiness, but AT&T's apparently getting ready to re-launch its venerable Motorola Q9h in gray, which is kind of like the original black except... you know, lighter. Seeing how Windows Mobile 6.1 is now official on this one, it comes as no surprise that these gray ones are showing up with the update preloaded; it's always a nice touch when you don't need to christen your new purchase with a hastily-installed update, isn't it? It's unknown what we'll be charged for the pleasure of owning one of these, but we'd assume it'll fall in line with the current version at $100 after rebate.

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