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Sony Ericsson W350 now available from AT&T, too

Chris Ziegler

The Invision is the big news for AT&T today, but there's an unassuming little Sony Ericsson flip that's found its way into widespread availability on the network this week, too. The W350 is a blast from the past for owners of phones like Ericsson's venerable T39 back in the day, offering the rarely-seen traditional flip form factor with a cover that conceals only the keypad -- the screen remains visible at all times. The money feature, though, has to be the cover's shiny music controls, which are offered in a contrasting color to spice things up a bit. You've got a 1.3-megapixel camera hanging out in there, too, and at $29.99 on contract after rebates (except for the Ice Blue version, which is inexplicably free), we can see it as a sleeper hit for anyone who'd projectile vomit at the sight of even one more free clamshell.

[Thanks, rapkiid]

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