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The DS Life: Guitar Heroics

Eric Caoili

No, the above clip isn't our primary subject for this week's The DS Life, but it is related and, not to mention, totally awesome.

Looking for a more console-authentic experience with Guitar Hero: On Tour, Hack A Day reader Eric Ruckerman modified a wireless Guitar Hero PS2 controller to fit a Nintendo DS and wired the peripheral's buttons into the system. He also added a transmitter to play the game's sound through his home sound system.

Pretty slick, but how can he see the notes coming down on the screen? A mirror would help! Anyway, step past the post break for a shot of Eric's setup and a photograph of someone playing Guitar Hero: On Tour with more traditional controls.

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Not every one who plays Guitar Hero is a teenage ne'er-do-well with a bad haircut or a high-school dropout with misplaced aspirations -- some players are just little girls who want to rock out! This image reminds us of times when we've been so absorbed by handled games, we neglected to notice that the afternoon had long passed or that everyone around us had gone home to eat dinner.

Here's that photo of the hacked Guitar Hero PS2 controller that we promised!

[Thanks, Wilerson!]

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handheld and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

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