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Tweaked Xbox 360 controller inexplicably deemed an overseas "promotional item"

Darren Murph

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Wait, let's get this straight. We understood that the newfangled Xbox 360 controller would be limited in nature (though we never understood why), but now you're telling us that North Americans will have to get lucky on the international second-hand market to obtain one? According to information spilled to Eurogamer, that's the deal. Microsoft is reportedly loosing the pad in Europe, Asia and Latin America as a "promotional item" that ties in with Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. Also, it's very green, and only green. We're still waiting to hear if Microsoft has plans to bring this stateside or use it to replace the existing controller entirely, but who knows, maybe the US edition will boast four analog sticks and a built-in LCD with real-time LIVE! status checking.

[Via Joystiq]

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