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Mitsubishi goes ultrathin with 40-mm LCD TV prototype

Steven Kim

When you're an industrial giant like Mitsubishi, it pays to cover your bets. In addition to the recently-announced MZW-, MXW- and MX-series LCD TVs, it is also showing off an unnamed 40-mm thick LCD TV prototype. As we've seen in the war of supermodel svelte TVs, getting down to these levels requires that the tuner is moved to an external box (those chunky boxes in the pic). The elegance of the panel just can't be spoiled by ugly cables, so just like we've seen with the Hitachi Wooo LCD TVs, the signal will get the wireless treatment. A production model of this TV is slated for a fall release, in a size over 40-inches. That's right around the corner, so we've got a feeling more details will be flowing soon. Meanwhile, hit that link for more pics.

[Image courtesy TechOn]

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