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SingStar Volume 2 coming to America, features Trophies


Just like Europe, SingStar will be getting an expansion disc here in the States. The disc offers the same SingStar experience as the original, but offers a different track list featuring 30 new songs. For newcomers to the series, this is a different way of getting the full PS3 SingStar experience. However, series regulars will have to swap discs if they want to have all the songs from Volume 1 and Volume 2: there's no way of ripping content from one disc to another, a la Rock Band.

SingStar is meant to be a constantly evolving platform, and we're assuming any new features added to America's Volume 2 disc will be applied via patch across all other SingStar games. For example, the US version of SingStar received a patch that contained all the new features added to the European Volume 2 game. One of the most exciting features for the upcoming expansion is the addition of Trophies -- exactly how that will work in conjunction with the SingStore is anyone's guess.

For this week's SingStore update, and the full track listing for Volume 2, visit IGN.

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