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Tom Chilton and J. Allen Brack talk Wrath at Leipzig


Here's a nice tidbit from the Games convention at Leipzig, Germany in the form a bundle of Wrath news. Tom Chilton and J. Allen Brack gave a pair of interviews to and In the Getbuffed interview embedded above, they discuss the future of the lore and raids, most notably Icecrown Glacier, the home of Arthas.

Icecrown Glacier will be implemented some time after the release of Wrath, and it will come with a special world event (which Kisirani has hinted about in the past, I think). One nice bit of news for those us of us who are tired of neutral factions: The Horde and the Alliance will have separate quest hubs in Icecrown. These quests hubs will actually be floating Gunships for each side, since Icecrown itself will be too overrun with scourge. So, for those of you who are afraid that Northrend is getting a bit too steampunk, it looks like you'll have to bear with it some more.

They also talk a bit about the Titan dungeons that they are working on for the near future, specifically the Halls of Lightning. Chilton says it's coming along very nicely, and they have good things to say about the architecture and atmosphere of the place as well.

The interview focuses mostly on the Wrath Beta and the Beta process. Much of it is things covered in the various Worldwide Invitational panels, but there was also some new stuff. Most notable for Beta testers is that the level cap should be raised to 80 soon (It is currently 77), and that premade level 80s will be available for testing (possibly on a new, seperate realm) near the end of the beta testing process.

They're both well worth watching, so check them out. Of course, with all this cool information coming out of Leipzig, we can only hope they're saving some good stuff for BlizzCon, too.


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