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[1.Local]: Readers zing the posts


Reader comments – ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have cooked up over the past week. Be sure to dive into the comments area of each thread (not this one!) and add your own thoughts – unlike your mama, we like us some hot, fresh backtalk.

A 12 inch Ornate Triple Pepperoni Blunderbuss
When a sharp-eyed WoW fan noticed an "Ornate Triple Pepperoni Blunderbuss" at the local pizza joint, his WoW-lovin' heart leapt for joy – but when WoW Insider posted the shot, the comments began filling up with pooh-poohs from Doubting Thomases. Eden Pizza's owner came out to settle the difference: "I am the owner of Eden Pizza, and while I am not a WoW fan per se (I quit after Warcraft 3), my wife and brother-in-law are quite the WoW fans and they both work here with me," edenpizza says. "My brother-in-law and wife made this particular pizza up. And yes, we got a call today asking about it, so I thought I would check this blog out. The pizza is a popular one, and it's delicious. WoW fans are welcome here.

"Also, we can put a pizza on dry ice and FedEx it to Chicago, or anywhere in the 48 states (sorry, London) ... for a ridiculous price."

On the lack of females among Azeroth's NPC races
Quite a few readers seemed to appreciate Keyra's backgrounder notes in this post: "'Of course, there are also Amani mobs called 'Witches,' which is generally a term reserved for females.' Perhaps in-game, but IRL this is not true. Looking back through the persecutions during the last few thousand years, men and women alike were called 'Witches' (the term 'warlock' is actually a misnomer that came about during the height of the persecutions in Scotland, and is a Scots Gaelic term meaning 'traitor'). The Stregheria (Italian Witches, and still in existence today) is both male and female and there is no differing term between them. The religion of Wicca is likewise both male and female with 'Witch' being a term shared between them. Just some food for thought. :-)"

Padding your resume
Is listing WoW on your resume a wise move? While Scott Andrews' post made a strong case, readers were divided. Drew lent both moderate perspective and personal experience: "I had something like this on my resume, and it helped me get my current job as a process engineer with a major contractor. I have been a co-raid leader and co-guild leader for about 3-4 years now, so I've picked up a lot on how to lead large groups of people and communicate effectively.

"While I didn't explicitly say that I played WoW, I did say on my resume that I have experience leading small organizations and conducting group-oriented activities every week. It helped me get my current job, and nearly landed me a few others in the process. At the very least, it was a good talking point with potential employers.

"But I agree with what many have said, in that you should not explicitly say you play WoW. You don't go into a job interview and immediately break out into discussion about fantasy football leagues, golfing or your favorite baseball team, after all."

Cooking with Ethnea, episode 1
Plenty of WoW Insider readers got a good giggle from the debut of Cooking With Ethnea, featured on WoW Moviewatch. "I know you're making a *cooking* show and all (rather than a comedy show), but the fact you're making a *WoW-based* cooking show with an Undead hostess just strikes me as inherently hilarious and had me giggling crazily to myself while watching, :P" giggled Faar.

"I assume that the kitchen is from The Sims? Maybe you could do excursions to famous WoW locations for future episodes. There's a kitchen both in Karazhan and Shadowfang Keep for example, or a more rural location, such as one of the Orc dwellings in The Barrens, or the inn in Razor Hill? This could be combined with some appropriate recipes, such as some boar/pork or zebra/horse dishes... ;)

"Thanks for your hard work so far, and keep it up! :)"

Warriors gain super-buffed Titan's Grip and passive Mortal Strike
Gotta love those crazy Warriors – especially when they're doing the Warrior happy-dance after hearing about the latest beta changes to their class. From Humreagan: "yea, when i saw these changes, i s*** my pants, i cryed, i died, i also was playing atm, and i accidently clicked on my flying mount buff so i fell and died in WoW, i rofled uncontrollably, i sung a song, i went to six flags, i went to the moon, i ate a whole fudgesicle in one bite, and.....i regreted ever regreting hitting 70 with a warr.... and only a warr. oh yea, and i rofled again.


Base mana for dummies
The beta spell mechanic change causing all spells' mana cost to be a percentage of their casters' base mana pool (largely to prevent downranking) has confused a lot of players. Eliah Hecht laid it all out again, with plenty of examples – examples that struck a chord with one reader in particular.

"' were naked, unbuffed, and un-talented, and had no intellect,'" muses Gary about the wording of one example in the post. "That's weird. My girlfriend also said that this morning."

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