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Check out video of Warhammer Online's /special emotes

Michael Zenke

In most MMOs, avatars have the opportunity to get down with their bad selves. The /dance emote is a perennial favorite emote, begun in the days of online gaming lore and arguably perfected by World of Warcraft's hilarious pop-culture shout-outs. Warhammer Online is a different sort of animal, though. You don't dance during war, damnit! When this was first announced back in March, people were a bit confused. Is Mythic anti-fun?

It turns out they're just anti-dance. Every race in Warhammer Online has at least one wacky antic they can do by typing /special. In fact, typing /dance actually prompts you with the text "[your character] doesn't feel like dancing, they feel like doing /special." Not all of them are in the game yet, and some of them still have to have some kinks worked out, but we have videos of everything in the game as of right now. Click on through below the cut to check out the first (and funniest) of the WAR /specials: The Greenskins!
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The Black Orc Special

Don't tick off a Black Orc. Seriously. We imagine that he's going to be pulling something out of his 'pocket' to wail on at some point, as right now he looks like he's punching empty air. Perhaps a goblin, or maybe a stuffed dwarf doll? We think that would be kind of adorable.

The Goblin Shaman / Squig Herder Special

Brain burn! Both of the tiny gobbos experience some red-energy pain and hit the floor. This seems more like a shammy special that for the squigy - we hope sometime after launch Mythic gives those guys a /special that interacts with their pet.

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