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Fuze infuses software into Velocity Micro FuzeBox

Darren Murph

Now that Fuze has gone OEM, we should probably expect a lot of similar announcements from the firm. In a somewhat confusing twist, Fuze Media has just signed an OEM deal that will place its tightly integrated software into an HTPC built by Velocity Micro. If you'll recall, Velocity Micro was actually responsible for the original FuzeBox, though this one will start out "much cheaper" at $1,995. Presumably, the box will feature Fuze's FuzeOne platform, which will reportedly play nice with any machine out there (that's good, since it went OEM and all), utilize its own homegrown media player and simplify DVD ripping / library management. Hit the read link for a blowout of the new architecture and machine, and expect to see more when CEDIA cranks up in about two weeks.

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