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Register to vote ... with Xbox Live?


Microsoft has announced that it has partnered with Rock the Vote to bring several new political features to Xbox Live just in time for the last leg of the U.S. presidential race. Some of the new features include letting gamers register to vote, participate in special online forums and take part in presidential polls. The new features are set to go live starting August 25, the first day of the Democratic National Convention. Xbox will also be promoting the Rock the Vote message at both the Democratic and Republican conventions while also "educating delegates about creating a safer entertainment environment on Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE." Specifically, the press release is referring to the Xbox 360's "industry-leading" parental controls.

The press release also makes mention of Xbox Live's 12 million members, noting that if Xbox Live were a state, "it would rank as the country's seventh largest, giving it approximately 20 electoral votes." An impressive statement, even though Xbox Live's 12 million members aren't all located in the United States.

All of it sounds pretty neat but, frankly, we're holding out for some presidential candidate "Game with Fame" sessions, or at least some video chat town hall meetings.

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