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The perpetual balancing act of EVE Online

James Egan

EVE Online is a game where a slight nerf on one game mechanic can have a large effect on many players. As such, and as with most MMOs, many EVE players react with indignation that their chosen ship, playstyle, or market specialization will be affected in the name of "balance." After all, no one likes getting nerfed.

Still, sometimes having a wider perspective on an ever-changing game is a good thing. Winterblink of Warp Drive Active fame has been playing the game for just over five years, and shares his take on the hysteria and forum venom which follows a big nerf, and what the end result usually is. Winterblink cites some of the major nerfs and boosts over the years in EVE Online with the longer view that, so far, the balances have largely succeeded. Check out Winterblink's "The Endless Nerf" and see if you agree with his views on balance in the game.

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