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New iPhone ads now showing


There are a couple of three new iPhone ads showing tonight, "Lonely Planet," "Cro Mag" and "Vicinity." All are available on Apple's ads page now (that is, if your Friday night needs a shot of pure excitement). The ads focus on the App Store and the ease of downloading new iPhone applications wherever, whenever you like (and again I refer you to the Friday night possibilities for fun). [We missed "Vicinity" on the first look, but thanks to Alan for following up.]

"Lonely Planet" features a Lonely Planet phrasebook for Mandarin Chinese, which ties in nicely to the current Olympic festivities. "Cro Mag" shows Cro-Mag Rally, recently reduced to $5.99US, and actually demos the gameplay briefly before showing one of the interesting challenges of iPhone gaming -- the phone call that interrupts your game.

Thanks Alan

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