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WipEout HD has Platinum Trophy, should be over $30


Although WipEout HD is a PSN download-exclusive game, it looks like it may be priced like a standard retail game. A snapshot of the game's Trophy screen shows a Platinum Trophy for the game -- one that's reserved for full retail games. Shorter, cheaper games on PSN, such as PixelJunk Eden, Super Stardust HD and PAIN, do not feature a Platinum Medal. However, full-priced retail games, such as Uncharted, do grant Platinum Trophies.

With this evidence, we can postulate that WipEout HD will be available for download for at least $30 (the cost of Warhawk, downloaded from the PLAYSTATION Store). SCEA still hasn't announced an official release date or price for the game, but rest assured that the news is forthcoming.

[Via NeoGAF]

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