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Audioholics sets loose Yamaha BD-S2900 Blu-ray player for less than $1,000

Steven Kim

Happy surprise -- there's no need to wait for next month's CEDIA show to get details on Yamaha's BD-S2900 Blu-ray player, since Audioholics released them from its own stockroom. The online store that goes alongside the site has them in stock and ready to ship next week. The pricing is a good example of "under-promise, over-deliver" joy as well -- the MSRP on the deck is $1,200, but you can get one on your doorstep for just a nickel under $1,000. That's still not cheap, especially for a Profile 1.1 unit, but we don't expect many potential buyers are seriously weighing the BD-S2900 against a Funai NB500 (or one if its variants), or even a PS3. If you want to get in on some gloating in the comments, break out that credit card and prepare a spot in your equipment rack!

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