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Samsung Series 8 / Series 9 LCD HDTVs head north to Canada

Darren Murph

Don't fear, Canadians -- Samsung's freshly announced Series 8 and Series 9 HDTVs are coming your way, too. Specs wise, everything is looking the same, though the pricing is expectedly higher. In the US, the 46-inch LN46A850 is going for $2,699.99, while Canucks will be asked to hand over $3,199.99; the 52-inch LN52A850 sells for $3,399.99 in America, yet it'll go for $3,799.99 in the Great North. As for the 9 Series? Try an $800 premium on the 46-inch LN46A950 ($3,999.99) and the 55-inch LN55A950 ($4,999.99). Feel the pain this September.

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