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Vizio's 47-inch SV470XVT LCD HDTV reviewed

Darren Murph

You may remember Vizio's 47-inch SV470XVT from CES, but given the barrage of releases since then, we're betting not. In order to refresh your memory, we're pointing you to a CNET review that finds the set decent for the price, though not nearly good enough for true videophiles. Granted, that's exactly what we'd expect to hear about a "bargain" set, but we digress. On the plus side, the color was deemed "highly accurate," and the gracious amount of picture adjustments / ports were swooned over. The only digs were its less-than-stellar black level performance, poor off-angle viewing and "somewhat pedestrian design," though we'd argue that last tidbit is mighty subjective. All in all, the HDTV managed a 7.3 out of 10, suggesting that it's probably just right for those not looking for the Grand Poobah.

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