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AT&T may bring U-verse to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Darren Murph

Although you may not have heard much about Bay St. Louis during Hurricane Katrina, it too was ravaged by the storm. As the city continues to pick up the pieces, AT&T has announced that it may be going head-to-head with Mediacom by offering up its U-verse TV service in the area. This isn't the first (nor second) time that we've noticed AT&T ambling for position in Mississippi, though a deal here seems much closer than in other areas. AT&T has already pitched its services to councilmen and it already agreed to pay the city the same rates as Mediacom. Still, the deal isn't quite nailed down just yet -- a number of bigwigs still have to sign off, and there's nothing to say that the two parties will eventually meet on terms. Fingers crossed, though.

[Thanks, Robby]

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