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Parasound Halo P 7 preamp for analog purists in a multichannel world

Steven Kim

Parasound certainly has a contingent of audio-only fans amongst its customer list, but even the 2-channel crowd must get curious about all this recent multichannel craze that just isn't fading away. And that must be who the new P 7 preamplifier is targeted at. Either that or the company just really, really wants to define a new product category. In the case of the P7, that would be the "7.1-channel, analog-only preamplifier" category. The back panel tells the story on this unit -- a gaggle of RCA inputs (seven L/R stereo pairs and two 7.1-channel sets), with XLR and RCA outputs. No digital audio goes in, and none comes out. Bass management is done the old fashioned way, in the analog realm. Might we suggest that you spend that $2,000 on a "lowbrow" AV receiver instead? Just put it off to the side of your audio-only rig, right next to the popcorn. Let's face it -- you're slumming it with multichannel anyways, right?

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