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PS3 Fanboy philosophizes on Trophy collecting

Kylie Prymus, PS3 Fanboy's resident Rene Descartes, recently polished up his Trophy collection with wax philosophical. In one of his most insightful columns to date, Prymus turns his keen analytical eye onto the recently added PS3 Trophy system, examining how the highly enviable awards (and the fairly similar Xbox 360 Achievements) are affecting the way we play and purchase modern video games. Do easily unlocked Trophies and Achievements influence the sales success of mediocre titles? Are we playing our games differently, focusing on tedious tasks in a seemingly endless carrot chase? Do large Gamerscores and impressive Trophy collections make us more popular with the opposite sex?

We don't need no stinking philosophers to find the answer to that last one -- of course they do. For everything else though, check out Prymus' article -- we guarantee it'll be the brainiest game-related essay you'll read all day.

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