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Australian Club Nintendo still not functional


History shows that Nintendo of Australia like to do things at their own pace. Timely launches just ain't their style, y'know? We're not just talking games, either. Back in April, there was much Aussie hollering when Nintendo announced Club Nintendo would be heading down under, bringing with it all the Nintendo mugs, free Bowser wallpapers, SNES pads, and Wii Points that had so far been enjoyed by Japanese and European gamers. Except, it's still not up and running. Though games are shipping with Club Nintendo codes, Australia's Club Nintendo site has yet to go live, four and a half months after it was announced.

None of which will comfort U.S.-based Nintendo fans, who are simply waiting for a local version of Club Nintendo to be announced. If the sloth-like actions of Nintendo Australia are any indication, they may be in for a wait.

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