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Excellent games for cheap Wii owners


What's more fun than dropping fifty bucks on a new game? Dropping fifty bucks on three new games. Diverging from their usual retro theme, Racketboy has posted a wonderfully long list of Wii, GameCube, and (obviously) WiiWare games that you can buy for less than $20. While people were busy complaining about the lack of quality third-party Wii games, a bunch of third-party Wii games came out and dropped in price immediately.

The list is populated by awesome shooters like Geometry Wars: Galaxies, Blast Works, and Ghost Squad, mascot games like NiGHTS, Sega Superstars Tennis, and Rayman: Raving Rabbids, and Elebits-style games like Elebits. And that's just in the Wii list! Each game also has handy Amazon and eBay search links attached. Go hit the ATM and check out the list!

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